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how to buy recruiting software

[Case Study] Recruiting Automation to Unlock Explosive Growth

Floodgate medical found the virtuous self fulfilling cycle of growth using recuiting automation. Find out how!

how to buy recruiting software

[Case Study] Finding the right balance for global expansion

Learn how YCG developed and perfected a playbook for rapid global expansion of their recruiting businesses.

how to buy recruiting software

[Ebook] Recession Proof Your Recruiting Business

Learn how the previous recessions affected recruiting & staffing industry and what you can do navigate the economic recession.

how to buy recruiting software

[Ebook] Recruitment Software Buyer's Guide

Learn about the right buying process, thorough evaluation process and common pitfalls to avoid when you are buying new recruitment software.

[Ebook] Recruitment Automation Playbook

Learn how to automate your recruiting processes on Recruiterflow. Increase your conversions and enhance candidate experience.

Road to Recovery Post COVID-19

Recruiting and staffing industry was hit pretty bad by COVID-19. However, recent usage data on Recruiterflow suggests that the industry is showing signs of recovery. 

COVID-19: Impact on Recruiting & Staffing Agencies

We surveyed recruiting and staffing agencies globally to measure the impact of COVID-19 on their existing and future business, priorities, hiring plans and candidate inflow.

[Webinar] Recruitment automation made simple

In this webinar, we will talk about how to think about automation and some very useful playbooks that you can implement in Recruiterflow.

[Webinar] Email Sequences Fundamental for Recruiters

New to email sequences? Not sure where to start or what to write? Join Manan from Recruiterflow and Steven Lu of Interseller to learn about the basics of email sequencing for recruiters.

Job Description Templates

Great job descriptions attract great candidates. Get access to collection of SEO and job-board ready job descriptions that candidates can't resist applying to.

Download Candidate Persona Template

Ideal persona helps you identify the traits of the right candidate and design your sourcing and recruitment strategy accordingly. Use our free candidate persona template to create your own personas and source candidates effectively.

Bringing Productivity to your recruiting operation: A study on MBR Partners

Helping your team stay productive is the best thing you can do to your recruiting operations. We sit down with Neil Martin, Partner & MD Talent Acquisition at MBR Partners to see how they’ve leveraged Recruiterflow.

StackOverflow Sourcing Tool

The awesome folks at StackOverflow let users query their internal database in an SQL format that can give you specifically people who have written answers/asked questions for nodejs! Create SQL queries to search through StackOverflow.